About us

The word “Jaramer” is taken from the languages of the Bidjara people of Central West Queensland and the Meriam people of the Torres Strait Islands. Its contemporary meaning is “One Mountain” and it symbolises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people coming together to empower themselves: Jara + Mer together.

Bevan Mailman is a Bidjara man and Brian Bero is a Meriam man.  Together they are the two principal lawyers and co-founders of Jaramer Legal.

We provide quality corporate and commercial legal services to government, corporations and businesses.  Our expertise includes strategic legal advice and support for procurement, small to large scale projects and other business activities.  Our unique ability to perform services through a sensitive cultural lens is what sets us apart from other law firms.

Our services are intrinsically linked to improved economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples under the Australian federal government’s Closing the Gap’ Policy and similar initiatives.  Through this framework and the government’s ‘Developing Northern Australia’ initiative, we also focus on working with Indigenous businesses and communities to drive positive economic outcomes through the development of such assets as lands, waters and cultural intellectual property.

We are uniquely placed to assist both government departments and agencies with their responses to Indigenous Procurement Policies (IPP) and similar initiatives across federal, state and territory governments. We also assist corporates with meeting their requirements under their respective Reconciliation Action Plans and other initiatives that impact Indigenous Australians.

We uphold the global business principles of our joint venture colleague, global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, of quality, unity and integrity.

We are proud to be the first national majority Indigenous-owned law firm to provide a broad suite of corporate and commercial legal services.

Our board

Bevan Mailman

Managing Principal and Director

Bevan Mailman is a corporate lawyer with expertise in commercial transactions, corporate advisory…

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Brian Bero

Principal and Director

Brian Bero is a commercial lawyer who has advised corporations like Telstra, Oracle and Qantas on…

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Peter Cash


Peter Cash is a commercial dispute resolution lawyer with Norton Rose Fulbright. He is also head of the…

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Michael Greene


Michael Greene is deputy managing partner of Norton Rose Fulbright in Australia, and head of the national…

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